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COSATU condemns World Design Capital racist staff appointments

9 December 2014

COSATU calls on Public Protector to investigate the racist appointment of the World Design Capital project staff. The World Design Capital has appointed 9 Whites out of the 10 staff it has employed to manage the World Design Capital project. These appointments are clearly racist when many of the Black applicants were better candidates for the job.

This just again confirms that the City continues to preference Whites in their employment practices. The City however hides the employment of Whites from the employment equity plans by employing the staff under projects at huge salaries. Many of these Whiteys who were employed were not the best candidates for the job and were clearly the DA cadre deployment strategy to keep Whiteys in the high paid jobs. The Mayor must have been aware of this as the World Design Capital is her flagship project and clearly she has become the Black face of White privilege and defence of the generational advantage of apartheid.

This confirms the fact that this World Design Capital is just a glorified waste of R40 million to benefit some White DA cabals in the City. The City has also hid the other money that it spent on the World Design Capital, as it hid the extra money from other line budgets that they have spent on the My Citi busses. The Old Boys White Club, that runs the DA, still controls and directs the funding of the City towards the White communities. We see these funding distortions from the City off Cape Town contributing to the woes for the poor, whilst they are told to be quiet because they are getting more than the Cities in other Provinces.

The clearest manner in which the City is exposed for not thinking about what they do and neglecting the needs of the poor is in Uitsig. The community is dying of TB, yet there is no ventilation in the homes to mitigate this public health disaster. The sewerage pipes from people’s backyards are depositing raw sewerage into people’s homes, making the children sick due to no repairs by the City.

The City claims that they do not have money to fix the sewerage, yet next to Uitsig in De La Rey road at the Bridge, they are putting new lights in the centre lanes and this whilst there are lights on the pavements that suffice perfectly well. Clearly this City is wasting funds as they do fiscal dumping on non priority areas, because their cronies get kick backs. The community of Uitsig is desperate for improvements in this chronic area of sewerage, yet the City fails them on basic things.

The World Design Capital must find a way to give the Mayor a brain transplant so that she and her team can understand and attend to the most basic urgent needs of the most marginalised communities first. This design City gimmick is just another way for some to legally steal and direct money to their cronies. This is called Designed White Collar Crime which is the favourite pass time of apartheid beneficiaries to enrich themselves, as seen by the colluding mainly White companies.

This City is racist and we call on the Public Protector to investigate this farce, so that the Mayor and the others can be brought to book for disregarding the needs of poor black people. Black people in the townships use design every day to survive in this last vestige of Apartheid, they however call it common sense and it does not cost R40 million.

The City has a habit of misdirecting funding away from the poor to the White areas and beneficiaries who they claim are the rate payers and should be looked after first. This is discriminatory and should be rejected with the contempt that the New South Africa stands for.

With questions please call COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, at 082 7733194