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COSATU NW condemns the shooting of workers by security company

3 July 2014

The Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates, SATAWU and SACCAWU, condemn the shooting of workers by 24/7 security company at Sun City on 1 July 2014 at the shopping complex.

It is reported that workers were dispersing from their mass meeting and moving towards the taxi rank when a security man just shot at workers with rubber bullets. One, who is currently critically injured, was shot with live ammunition and he has been transferred by helicopter to the George Mokhary hospital due to his critical condition.

As the federation in the NW we want make very clear that Sun City management must take responsibility for all that happened to those workers. Those who opened fire must account to the justice of our country. We call on the police to arrest those who shot the workers and they must say who gave instructions to shoot the poor workers who were fighting for their rights
As much as we condemn the illegal gathering, the current situation in Sun City was created by the employers, who are labour brokers, acting under the instructions of their client. What do you expect poor workers to do? What procedures do you expect workers to follow when there are mass dismissals and mass suspensions without following internal procedures?

The police were there with the workers since Friday night until today without shooting. So why did the security company shoot? What is their interest in this matter? Since Saturday while we have urged workers to be disciplined in their protests, the same security company was provoking workers.

We call on Sun City to resolve the matter with the CCMA, whom they are meeting today. All those workers who were dismissed or suspended unfairly must come back unconditionally and all the cameras that are installed without discussion with unions must be removed.

We also call the Minster of Labour to scrap the labour brokers, as they are now a middle man between the worker and the main exploiter which is Sun City in this case.

We are still requesting the provincial and national government to intervene to find a solution to the current situation and the future of our economy in the NW. What has been taking place in Sun City is enough; a political solution must be found and workers must be able to enjoy their work.

We wish a speedy recovery for those workers who were shot and that God be with them. We must punish those who did that and those who gave instructions to shoot poor workers.
For more information call COSATU NW Provincial Secretary Solly Phetoe on 0823044055