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PUDEMO tatement on World AIDS Day 2013

1 December 2013

Once again we join the people of the world in commemorating one of the most important days in the international calendar, World AIDS Day.

We commemorate this day in an environment that has been allowed to deplete our people’s life expectancy to 40 years. And this condition apart from other factors like poverty, has hugely contributed in this status quo in our country.

It is on this day that we greatly remember those heroines and heroes who bravely fought the condition, but sadly lost and were taken away from us. On the same breath we also salute those activists who continue to wage a relentless war on this condition.

We are with all those of you who are in the fight against this condition both at home and abroad. We call on government and individuals to stop any form of discrimination against people with this condition. They deserve everyone’s respect as normal human beings. As an indication of our great concern about this condition, we have made a clear call in our Health Policy in that:
i) A charter shall be endorsed outlining the rights, responsibilities, legal parameters and de-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS and it must apply to all sectors of society.

ii) Individuals shall be encouraged to practice preventive measures and know their status.

Let this day be a constant reminder to all our people that we must embrace both those who are affected and infected and give them all the support they deserve. As we are in the period of activism against abuse on women and children, we call upon the people of the world to extend this and incorporate those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

However, as the oppressed masses in Swaziland, we need to continue fighting for a just and democratic country. A country that shall give us all a government that priorities and invests in the health and future of its citizens as opposed to investing in the welfare of the country’s leaders and politicians.

May we all engage in the fight for an HIV/AIDS free society.

Zakhele Mabuza
National Spokesperson
Cell: 0026876073453