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COSATU NW joins the fight against labour brokers and e-tolling TODAY

13 November 2013

The Congress of South African Trade unions in the North West province is taking part in the national mass action against labour brokering and e-tolling, including the expensive toll gate in the country.

COSATU in the province will be having two marches on Wednesday 13 November 2013, one in Klerksdorp from the old medical centre to the Department of Labour, where we will hand over a memorandum. The march will start at 10h00 in the morning on the.
The other march will be in Rustenburg from the taxi rank to the municipality where we will also hand over the memorandum. The march will also start at 10h00. This action will then be followed by a motorcade to the Swartruggens toll gate where we will voice our dissatisfaction with regard to the toll fees.

As COSATU in the North West we believe that many workers in this part of the province are affected by these decisions, as there are a lot of mines and other companies in the province which use labour brokers and this affects the working conditions of the workers and their income.

COSATU believes that labour broking is modern slavery. As workers continue to work while some person sitting somewhere in an office will be benefiting from the fruits of their toil.
COSATU also believes that in as much as e tolls are going to be implemented in Gauteng, this has an effect on the people of this province as they frequent the province of Gauteng where they to business and visit their loved ones.

This is also affecting us in the province as we have seen that the most expensive toll gate in the country is hosted by this province.
COSATU believe that roads are public goods and they should not be privatised and they must be funded from the money which is collected from the taxes that we pay.

We are calling on our government to stop treating the workers and poor communities as if we are not human beings. A government that is voted in by poor people must listen to the poor people, not to listen to the capitalists.
Sanral did not vote for our government. Now, with the coming national and provincial elections they will awaiting who is wining and join them for business opportunities.

Labour brokers are the worse exploiters in our country. They are now given powers by our own government to destroy the poor working class. As we were preparing for this action government allowed the Guptas to bring racial discrimination at the workplace at one of the most expensive hotels [Sun City] to exploit workers, and now workers are dismissed for exposing racism led by the friends of our government and for attending May Day.
Is this how we are supposed to be treated after we voted government into power?
COSATU would like to inform the members and the entire public that this is a Section 77 protected strike and all workers must join the action; no employer must charge workers for not coming to work, as they are protected by Section 77.
COSATU calls on all members and the community at large to come and join the action in support of their democratic rights.

As we join the ANC for the voter registration campaign, we will also closing our last mobilising campaign program for the mass action that we will be taking in the next four days.

All our COSATU PEC and all our locals are deployed at all registration stations to make sure that all our members, communities, young workers, farm workers/farm dwellers who have not registered are safe.
We are also warning farmers in the NW who refuse to let farm workers and their children who are being used as child labour to register. We are calling on workers to report all such criminal cases to the police and to the federation, as we know that some of our police are friends of exploiters and the racist farmers.

Our action in the next four days will also expose such criminal farmers who continue to exploit workers, continue to kill farm workers and use their money to buy out cases, as it is taking place in the NW.

For more information contact Solly Phetoe the Provincial Secretary of COSATU North West at 082 304 4055