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COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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Summary decisions of the COSATU NW PEC held on 7 February

21 February 2013

The Provincial Executive Committee of COSATU North West held its first meeting for 2013 on the 7th February 2013 at Ngwenya hotel.

The PEC received the report which amongst others included the following:

  • The fight against e-tolling
  • Fight against labour brokers
  • Electricity price increases
  • The work of the office bearers
  • The function of the subcommittees
  • National elections campaign
  • State of the affiliates
  • Leadership infighting
  • Workers cases and the return of workers to NUM.
  • Strikes in other sectors.
  • Farm works minimum wage.
  • Dismissal of workers at Rainbow.
  • The attack on NUM
  • The current spate of union bashing.
  • The closure of public institutions without consultation.
  • Unfair labour practises by some employers in the province.
  • The resignation of workers from COSATU unions to our rival unions. The factions and the fighting in the municipality
  • The relationship between SADTU and the MEC of education
  • The announcement to make education an essential service.
  • The performance of the locals in the province.
  • Training of the locals and the implementation of the program
  • The state of the gender structure and the challenges around the chairperson and that the gender structure must elect a new chairperson.
  • The resent urgent campaign and the recommendation from the national organisersí forum.
  • The action against job losses and union bashing in the mines on 9 February 2013.
  • May Day preparations
  • The Skirled Massacre commemoration.
  • The rape and killing of children and women campaign.

The PEC resolved on the following:

  • To establish a task team to meet with NUM and NUMSA to establish what the problems are between the two unions and that task team must report to the PEC.
  • The PEC must support the program of the federation as per the solidarity action program.
  • There is a need for all members of the PEC to stand up and defend the federation as this attack will move to all other unions as it has started with SADTU in the Bojanala district.
  • The PEC has a collective responsibility to build the federation and defend its members at all cost.
  • We must go back and convene the workplace listening campaign meeting so that we can listen to the members on their real challenges on the ground.
  • To integrate the election program of the ANC, SACP, SANCO and COSATU for the 2014 national election which is going to be very difficult.
  • We must recruit the EPWP workers to join COSATU union in particular SAMWU.
  • The federation must intervene on the divided affiliates in particular at the leadership levels.
  • That the federation will make sure that all workers are defended in particular the farm workers, domestic workers including security.

Socio economic:

  • To take forward the COSATU Growth Path.
  • Continue to ask the question of how many jobs have we created in the province
  • Continue to mobilise society to support our campaigns
  • Look at the role of foreign traders in the economy as most of the foreign traders are not employing our people and those that are employed are highly exploited
  • Do away with the tendering system as it is dividing society and there is a need build the capacity of government to deliver services
  • Fight against the import of chicken from Brazil, which are cheap with no bar code and they are not in good health,
  • We are calling our government to protect our jobs and our health.


  • Continue with our campaign for the recall of the MECs of education and local government
  • Continue to fight and expose corruption regardless who is implicated and intensify our fight against corruption in particular in the municipalities.
  • Support SAMWU to take both the MEC and Minister of Local Government to court for their failing to defend our public funds and to service our poor communities and continuing to protect corrupt people in the municipalities.
  • There is a need to leap from the current politics to socialist politics.
  • There must be an alliance task team to listen to the factions in the province and intervene and deal with all political challenges as the alliance leaders in the province.
  • The political section be deferred to the political commission deal with in details with the program of convening the political workshop.
  • The political commission must start to prepare for the 2014 national election and deal with its challenges.
  • Convene a one day political session for the PEC.
  • There must be cadre development for the federation leadership to participate in the ANC and SACP structures.
  • That the issue of the task team report be implemented in consultation with the alliance for proper coordination.

The PEC must respect the decisions as they are and make sure that they are implemented.

For more information feel free to call COSATU NW provincial secretary, Solly Phetoe, [082044055]