COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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Ntau Letebele’s appointment should be rescinded and MEC Pinky Kekana should be recalled by the ANC

22 January, 2013

NEHAWU is shocked by the appointment of notorious former Limpopo roads and transport head, Ntau Letebele as a new Chief Executive Officer of Great North Transport, a subsidiary of the Limpopo economic development agency.

This happened despite the fact that there is an ongoing investigation into his role in the R52 million tender that was irregularly awarded to On-Point Engineering Company. This is the tender that allegedly benefited the infamous Limpopo farmer Julius Malema.

Our union calls for this appointment to be rescinded and for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism MEC Pinky Kekana, to be investigated. She was previously Ntau Letebele’s boss in the transport department. She has proven to be an unreliable and capricious individual who cannot be entrusted with such a serious position.

It is disturbing how brazen this cabal is with their contempt for the law. This public display of conceit will be laughable if it were not so tragic for the workers and people of the province who are subjected this kind of corruption, factionalism and nepotism.

Last year we saw an unrestricted rebellion of a range of stakeholders from civil society organisations, workers, and traditional leaders all calling for the dissolution of the provincial administration.

The Joint Ministerial Task Team discovered that there was an unauthorized expenditure of R2.7 billion and possible illegal payments of some service providers in the province. Hospitals were experiencing food shortages and workers were on the verge of not receiving their salaries.

The time has arrived for the ANC to prove that it does not want to be associated with incompetence and corruption. The issue of holding leaders and managers accountable cannot be just hollow rhetoric. We demand decisive and immediate action from the ruling party and as a public sector union; we will lead a campaign to ensure that Ms Kekana and Mr Ntebele are dismissed from their positions instantly.

Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat Office

For further information, please contact: Jacob Adams {NEHAWU Provincial Secretary} @082 558 5966 or Mike Shingange {NEHAWU Provincial Chairperson @ 082 455 2485