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COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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An open letter to the Public Protector, Ms Thuli Madonsela

10 January 2013

Dear Madam

I am writing this open letter to you with disappointment and great displeasure about your office. I have realized that you have used your office to popularize yourself instead of doing what you were appointed for, which is that of being an impartial Public Protector.

Your behaviour and your modus operandis are not different from that of now defunct “Directorate of Special Operations” also known as the Scorpions.

You have decided to pick and choose some of the “most” important cases and whilst you shelf some in your personal drawer to the extent that they gather dust without being investigated for reasons only known to you - which I find to be highly suspicious and irregular.

Indeed as a South African citizen I have lost hope with you Ms Thuli Madonsela and your investigating team for your continued display of biasness in dealing with cases which you deem less important therefore undeserving of your undivided attention.

It would seem that your Office is cherry-picking cases that are already under media scrutiny and are, to borrow from your lexicon, "winnable" and would therefore result in praises and applauds from those quarters you seek to appease thereby resulting in well convened media briefings.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) which I am a National Spokesperson lodged a complaint with your Office concerning the maladministration, deep-seated corruption and misuse of funds at the SA Post Office early last year (April 2011). To this date, we are still waiting for a mere “preliminary report” and a meeting with you and your investigating team led by your senior advocate, but to no avail.

Your reluctance to deal speedily with the SA Post Office complaint from CWU leaves us no choice but to conclude that your office is used to destabilize the government of President Jacob Zuma by opposition parties and some remaining rightwing remnants such as the unrepentant, backward Afri-Forum, Democratic Alliance and their fellow travellers called Solidarity.

Why else would you, Ms Thuli Madonsela, ignore to investigate the serious matters as raised by the CWU on behalf of workers as their legitimate representatives?

I have realized that there is no justice in that futile office, except being biased towards the opposition parties especially Democratic Alliance. To me as a concerned citizen and National Spokesperson of CWU and Gauteng Young Communist League Spokesperson Ms Madonsela, you don’t see any value in pursuing SA Post Office as this may not result in the mileage for your work or appraisals from the opposition parties and white owned media because you are chasing headlines in the media for your popularity or fame sake.

I will not be surprised that the complaint that has been lodged with your office by the so-called Freedom Under Law on the non-ending Policing saga will receive priority from this Office at the expense of other urgent, explosive and dolomitic issues facing the SA Post Office.

Could it be that you cherry-picks which complaints to follow or not to follow on the bases of political storm such cases will stir in the country? Or does it have to do with the subjects involved? These are the questions that demands answers.

Finally, I need not remind you of the final fate suffered by the so-called Scorpions as I think you are aware of it. So, please do not test our patience.

Issued by Matankana Mothapo, Communication Workers Union National Spokesperson and Gauteng Young Communist League Spokesperson – 0827590900 (Writing in my personal capacity)