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CEPPWAWU welcomes the Competition Commission’s referral of the case of collusion again the oil companies

29 October 2012

Steady increases in the price in fuel have contributed to inflation. High and rising diesel prices, in particular, have contributed to high and rising prices in a range of sectors including public transport and food – sectors in which the working class and poor spend a significant portion of their income.

CEPPWAWU is pleased that the Competition Commission began investigating possible collusive activities in liquid fuels in January 2009 and has spent and a long period doing a comprehensive and extensive investigation, with a particular focus on the pricing of diesel which is not regulated.

CEPPWAWU’s view is that collusive behaviour by the oil companies undermines national development efforts including our attempts to create jobs and reduce poverty and inequality and promote growth for the benefit of all. It further unjustly enriches a few large multinationals and well-entrenched South African companies that grew fat under Apartheid, while leaving the working class and poor to pay.

As the majority union organising in the liquid fuels sector in South Africa, CEPPWAWU will study the findings of the Competition Commission in more detail. It will also engage the Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal in order to support the work of the Commission against collusive behaviour which it believes to be detrimental to the interests of its members, the poor and the national interest.

Any queries can be forwarded to:
Simon Mofokeng,
CEPPWAWU General Secretary
082 6700004