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3000 Municipal Workers to down tools in North West over corruption

12 October 2012

More than three thousand Municipal Workers in the North West Province, Bojanala Region will be taking to the streets from today 12 October. These members will be marching to present a memorandum of demands to the MEC of Cooperative Governance and traditional Affairs China Dodovu and to the District Mayor of Bojanala Region, Lowie Diremeleo.

Municipal Workers are concerned by the unacceptable levels of favouritism, nepotism, Political interferences in administrative matters and rampant corruption taking place on a daily basis in Municipalities in the North West Province.

These Provincial and Regional protest actions will also be followed by national action, where all South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) members throughout the country will be bringing services in this country to a complete halt.

The Union is calling for the Political Heads and Municipal Managers of the following municipalities to swallow their pride and resign with immediate effect, for dismally failing Communities, municipal workers and ordinary tax payers in the Province.

Detailed evidence of corruption in the Province

Rustenburg Local Municipality

The Mayor and his Municipal Manager should resign and the Rustenburg Municipality must be put under administration because of the following reasons

1. The Mayor continued to ignore and condoned corruption, when the former Council Speaker Mathews Wolmaranstad (who is currently serving a jail sentence) drew a monthly salary from the Institution. Also, Enoch Matsaba who was a co accused in the murder case of the late Councillor Moss Phakoe, was paid monthly salaries for more than eight months while in jail.
2. Fruitless and Wasteful expenditure, the Mayor commissioned a company called Price Water House Coopers to conduct an investigation into employment practices in the Institution.
3. More than half a million was paid by the Municipality to this company to do this work. Work was done by this company but up till this stage, the result of work done by this company has never been made public, or even to the Council and all other stakeholders.
4. The report is gathering dust wherever it is! The question that needs to be asked is, at whose expense and who has benefited from this process?

Municipal Manager

Abuse of administrative powers on the side of the Municipal Manager has resulted in unfair, illegal and the un-procedural appointment of one “blue eyed boy”.

A man called Nketu Matima has been appointed as manager in the Council Speaker’s Office, up till 2017. Nobody knows why and how this man was appointed, he is receiving 900, 000 per annum in the form of a salary.

Also, the Illegal, un-procedural appointment of a manager in the office of the Municipal Manager, this man is paid R850, 000 per annum.

Private Companies in the Municipality

A private company known as Khetwayo and Motltlegi JV all the way from Easter Cape is contracted to the Municipality to do the following duties/function – repairing water pipes, unlocking sewage lines.

This is work done on a daily basis by municipal employees. It is not clear as to why this company is drawing salaries every month for the work that it is not doing. In August this year R847, 000 was paid to this company for doing nothing!

Moretele Local Municipality

We will continue to call for the Mayor, the Council Speaker and the Whip to resign in this Institution

We acknowledge and appreciate the little progress that was made, when the following people were suspended;

1. The Manager in the Mayor’s office – Benny Matlala
2. Lea Sekhaolela – The MMC for special Projects in the Office of the Mayor

These people were suspended after SAMWU raised serious concerns of corruption in this Institution.

A small Municipality in a deep rural area which does not generate income had the audacity to employ a Deputy Chief Financial Officer. This is an insult to the community of Moretele

It is still embarrassing and totally unacceptable that this Institution through its Mayor Johannes Lehari that payments are still being made to a Legal Firm called Mosire Tsiane. More than R400, 000 in payments were made in the last two weeks.
This is a company that is used to syphon money out of the Municipality.

It is for this reasons that the Union is continuing to call for the Political Head Of this Municipality to resign.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

We congratulate law enforcement agencies for acting swiftly in arresting two people in Limpopo and another two in the Gauteng Province for working and colluding with a worker in the Finance Department in stealing R6 Million from the coffers of this municipality.

This is a Municipality were workers are not provided with safety clothing, the workers are working in Sewage Department without safety gloves and protective clothing, All this while the Mayor gallivants around in a new Audi Q7.

It is sad to realise that even this new Audi Q7 that the Mayor is going around with, was involved in an accident and within a few days, she got herself a new luxurious Blue Efficiency Audi Q7 and a Mercedes Bens sedan C200 CDI, without any Council Resolution.

The Mayor and his Council has spent R800, 000 during an IMBIZO held in one of the poor and impoverished villages called Mabieskraal this year in August. The sad part is that the R800, 000 was never authorised.

Almost all the villages that are supposed to be serviced by this Municipality are now running for months without clean drinking water. There are absolutely no services that are provided by this Municipality yet the Mayor lives a Hollywood like lifestyle.

Madibeng Local Municipality

The intervention made by the National Minister of Cooperate Governance and Traditional Affairs Mr Baloyi in sending a committee to investigate corruption in this municipality, was welcomed by the Union.

We are worried that the work of this committee is taking much longer than expected. Three weeks was initially set aside for this committee to complete its work, it is worrying that we now well into the third month. We can only hope that honest work is being done

A man called Solinda Mnisi a Regional Executive Committee member of the ANC in Bojanala Region has been deployed as the Strategic Director in the office of the Executive Mayor of Madibeng, a position that does not exist in the Organizational Structure.

The Municipality has also employed a new Chief Financial Officer, a certain Mrs Nkuna who was allegedly dismissed for corrupt related activities in one municipality in Limpopo.

The question is how on earth was this person employed with such a terrible background and allowed to deal with finances in this institution?

SAMWU in the North West Province will not rest until all corrupt elements are arrested and thrown into jail.

We will also not rest until we see proper and efficient services rendered to all communities.

We will not rest until workers in general and SAMWU members in particular, throughout the North Province, are provided with proper protective clothing and working tools.

For more information please feel free to contact Jacob Modeming, SAMWU’s Provincial Secretary on 018 3811217 or 0820617800.

Issued by;
Tahir Sema.
South African Municipal Workers` Union of COSATU
National Media and Publicity Officer
Office: 011-492 2835.

Fax: 0866186479.
Cell: 0829403403.