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COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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SATAWU continues and consolidates the industrial action

26 September 2012

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union will today continue to consolidate and deepen the current industrial action in all our locals to ensure that the employers start feeling the heat and return to the negotiations table.

As of last night (25th September, 2012) we have reached a point of deadlock with the employers at the national bargaining council for the road freight and logistics industry (NBCRFI). Upon us presenting our renewed mandate from the workers for a 12% increase and an outright rejection of the 8.5% and 0.5% (staggered) offer by the employers, the employers reverted to a laughable 8% and 7.5% offer as stated by them in the media.

All parties have reached a deadlock and none of them are participating in any talks at the moment. We will use this opportunity to mobilize all our members and encourage them to unite in a clear purpose of putting as much pressure as possible for the employers to revert back to the negotiations table. We intend to ignite further sympathy and solidarity strikes from our members in sectors such as maritime and freight rail in an effort to ensure that no goods and parcels move till the road freight workers demands are fully met.

Our members have vowed not to lose any morale and motivation amidst all forms of destructions, intimidations and confusions by the employers who wish to see the strike as less effective as possible. We remain confident that our marches will be peaceful and less violent.

Our members are currently picketing at various points across the country, particularly at their workplaces and union local offices. The members will march in KZN province from Dinizulu stature, known as Botha’s park, proceed to West street up to city hall at 13h00 and will hand over the memorandum to the NBCRFLI officials.

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