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COSATU NW marches to Sun City

29 August 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West is embarking on protest action against Sun City, Sun International’s most prestigious resort in South Africa.

The protest action is prompted by the inhumane manner in which Sun City continues to treat its workers and guests who are black, in particular Indians and Africans.

Sun City has been collecting workers’ gratuities for the past fifteen years and has failed to transfer the money to the workers; it continues to accumulate interest in an account controlled by Sun City and workers do not have a say in that money.

Workers are forced to work overtime at weekends and on public holidays and Sun City have failed to pay them according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Workers have also demanded that Sun City and Sun International investigate the alleged corrupt activities of one their senior manager who worked for Telkom.

COSATU has several times attempted to engage the resort the management, who continue to promise COSATU that they will resolve the workers issues only when there is a strike, and yet when the situation normalises, the resort reneges from the agreement. Hence COSATU found it proper to take the matter to the street.

The company has not paid workers for their public holidays, their weekend pay, their tips and some of their overtimes. The exploitation of workers at Sun City is worse than in the farms. Workers are treated like baboons and called with racial names.

These matters have been on the table for discussions with Sun International for years and it will not be correct for the company to engage with COSATU and there is time to implement we are told that we are not a recognised union.

Sun City have also employed a racist security company which treats workers on racial lines. In our last engagement the resort promised COSATU that they will terminate the contract of the 24/7 security company but to date this has not happened.

The company’s response to our action today is opportunistic and it is not telling the real story about what has happened since the federation has been engaging with them. We are sure that media can bear testimony to all our actions and our attempt to resolve the matter, including reporting the matter to the premier of the NW.

In our last meeting the company agreed that the action can go ahead if it is not going to involve workers who are on duty. But it is the company that provoked workers and it is the company that leads workers to take actions in illegal marches, not our federation. It the company has not recognised unions. Why are treating workers like animals? Why are not paying workers their tips, their public holiday and their weekend pay?

COSATU will march to Sun City on 31 August 2012 to demand that workers must be treated humanely and all their benefits and gratuities be paid with immediate effect and that Sun City must terminate the contract of the security company.

COSATU will deliver a memorandum of demands to the premier of the North West, the gambling board and the Sun International board.

COSATU calls on the community, both locally and internationally, to stop using this resort as it exploits workers.

For more information contact Solly Phetoe, COSATU North West Provincial Secretary, at 082 304 4055