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COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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The Communication Workers Union (CWU) status with the Department of Labour (DoL)

17 August 2012

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) that organizes in Information Communication and Technology sector has been engaged in a protracted battle with Department of Labour (DoL) with regards to the attempt by DoL to deregister the union. CWU will be going back to Labour Court on the 20thSeptember 2012 for an appeal.

CWU appeared in the Labour Court on the 10 August 2012 after the DoL asked the Labour Court on the 2nd August 2012 to postpone the hearing on the suspension of the deregistration of CWU as they were not ready to present arguments.

The Department of Labour was once again embarrassed when told by the Court that there was no need to deregister the union hastily as the unionís appeal could be heard expeditiously.

The Court therefore ordered as follows:

1. The appeal against the decision of the department of labour (First Respondent) dated 25 July 2012 to cancel the registration of the CWU is set down for hearing on 20 September 2012.

2. The times for filing are as follows:

2.1. The first responded (The Registrar of Labour Relations) will file the record by 18 August 2012;
2.2. The applicant (CWU) will supplement the record, if necessary, by 25 August 2012;
2.3. The applicant will file its heads of argument by 6 September 2012;
2.4. The first responded will file its heads of argument by 13 September 2012;

3. The decision by the first respondent dated 25 July 2012 to deregister the union is suspended pending the determination of the appeal.

The Court Order is circulated to all companies, institutions and authorities within the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector, including the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), and other Legal Authorities and parties to ensure that our members are not prejudiced as the Unionís Legal Standing is no longer in question.

As CWU, we believe that an amicable solution to the matter can still be found by the parties.

SA Post Office

CWU is shocked and dismayed that the SA Post Office has lost our entire membership Stop Order forms. This is another attempt by SA Post Office to destroy CWU after we have led a successful march against modern slavery in a form of Labour brokers and a complaint that we lodged with the Office Of the Public Protector against maladministration and deep-seated corruption and misuse of public funds by SA Post Office where we have seen the majority of Senior Executives leaving the company.

The investigation against the maladministration, deep-seated corruption and misuse of public funds at the SA Post Office is at its final stage. We have met with the Office of the Public Protector together with the senior investigating team and Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Public Protector and agreed to give them the opportunity to conclude its investigation expeditiously.

The Public Protector undertook to communicate its findings to CWU upon completion of the investigation on or about September 2012, however monthly reports would still be conveyed to CWU. We have also learned that the Senior Executives at the SA Post Office have joined the new union.

Allegations against the Minister of Communications, Cde Dina Pule

We have seen week in and week out, stories in the print media about Minister of Communications, Cde Dina Pule, who is the political head of the sector where we organize. In our view, these conspiracy theories and lies are orchestrated by the New Tendency and its demagogues so that they can hijack our glorious movement through lies and blood. We are very happy that the Auditor General has not found any wrong doing at the ICT Indaba where the Minister was accused of unbecoming conduct by the print media.

Intervention on Telkom fine by the Competition Tribunal

We have noted the outcome of the Competition Tribunal on Telkom where the company is fined R449m for abusing its dominance in the telecommunications industry over a five-year period between 1999 and 2004 and we are concerned about the impact this might have on the jobs of our members in the company. We are therefore calling upon government to intervene and take 100% control of Telkom.

Matankana Mothapo, National Spokesperson - 0827590900