COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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NUM NEC statement

27 July 2012

The National Executive Committee of the National Union of Mineworkers held its ordinary scheduled meeting which was the first post-congress on Thursday, the 26th July 2012 and pronounced on the following:

National Congress

The National Executive Committee (NEC) evaluated the National Congress which took place in May and was satisfied that everything went on smoothly and that what needed to be the focus post-congress is the implementation of congress resolutions including the Organisation Renewal Project. The NEC further agreed to heal the organisation in the process as part of the organisational renewal project.

Industry challenges

The NEC is highly concerned on the possible job losses in the mining industry in general and the platinum sector in particular and called on the platinum task team to ensure the operationalization of the interventions proposed to prevent any further job losses. The National Executive Committee further appealed to the government to adopt a “use it or lose it” approach to those mining companies that are shutting operations in order to open them at a later stage when conditions have improved. “It is our view that those who are shutting down operations now must lose the mining licences and their right to mine” says Frans Baleni, the NUM General Secretary.

The NEC further raised concerns on the prevalence of intimidation and violence particularly in the platinum sector and is worried that those who are culprits get arrested, released on bail, commit the same offence and get bail again and thus are allowed to recycle criminality. The NEC called on the Chamber of Mines to investigate some of its members on the role they may be playing in some of these underhand activities wherein leaders of some rival unions are alleged to be paid from their own payrolls.

Health and Safety

The NEC expressed serious concern and shock at the rising fatality statistics. The current fatalities stands at 65 as opposed to 55 at the same month last year. The NEC called on for stricter penalties and measurers to those companies found to have acted negligently.


On the political front, the National Executive Committee appealed for discipline, unity and a movement that is service oriented that is not pre-occupied with tenders and leadership contests. The NEC cautioned that the existence of the ANC should not be dependent on Mangaung as leaders do come and go but organisations remain. “We urge all leaders not to elevate election matters above policy formulation, organisational unity, realisation of the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and freeing the beloved country from the triple challenges” says Baleni

The NEC further congratulated the South African Communist Party (SACP) on a very successful congress and wished the collective leadership well in implementing congress resolutions. The NEC looked forward to a united and focussed COSATU congress in September. The NUM has already evaluated all the leaders of the federation and based on this evaluation, the union intends to consult with other affiliates on the way forward. The details of the evaluation are not for public consumption at this stage.


The NUM condemns the suspensions of the leadership of the Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) by the state utility ZESA and appeals on the authorities to lift these suspensions and accord the trade union its rights to organise and to associate.

The NEC further mandated the leadership of the NUM to meet with Glencore management to get a sense on the merger with Xstrata. Based on the engagement and evaluation, the NEC mandated the leadership to approach the Competition Commission to lodge a dispute if there is any indication that there will be job losses.


The NEC is perturbed that a total of 17 000 jobs would be lost at Medupi Power Station as the project nears completion and appealed on both Eskom and the Minister of Public Entreprises to deploy these workers in other state infrastructure development projects.

FW De Klerk

The NEC is disgusted at the unfortunate comments attributed to former President FW De Klerk in accusing the SACP to be turning the country into a communist country. It is worth pointing out that the challenges the country grapples with today are De Klerk and his ilk ‘s making. The NUM is disappointed and disgusted that instead of him playing a role in healing the wounds of the past, he has decided to be on the sidelines pointing fingers.

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