COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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SATAWU media release

21 June 2012

We are shocked by the SOWETAN News Paper that decided to publish the false and malicious allegations made against the National Leadership of the union, in particular the General Secretary of SATAWU. However the General Secretary was not contacted by SOWETAN for verification, and we have to wonder why?

The National Offices of SATAWU in the their NOBC meeting on the 05th June 2012, after deliberations on a number of issues including the conduct of the suspended Gauteng Leadership, the NOB took a decision to suspend Liver Mngomezulu and Reuben Molefe from all SATAWU activities as well as their membership pending the disciplinary hearing which will take place on 04-05 July 2012.

The reason for the suspension is as follows:-

Liver Mngomezulu and Reuben Molefe signed an agreement with a service provider on behalf of SATAWU without a mandate and outside of their jurisdiction. The agreement binds the union to pay R590 808 every month for a period of five years. This amount has an escalation fee of 10% or more pending to the provider, this means that the union will find itself having to pay an amount of R35 448 000.00 in the next five years or more and we are in possession of the signed contract.

As leaders of the union we welcome any investigations on us, our finances are transparent and are audited every year by Gobodo Inc.

Responding to the Sowetan, indeed less than 20 people marched to our head Office on Tuesday 19th June 2012, to demand the withdrawal of the suspension of Liver Mngomezulu and Reuben Molefe out of the 52 332 members of SATAWU in Gauteng Province. We are not worried at all and, the union will be taking disciplinary action against those individuals that have marched to our offices.

If indeed there is corruption in the union, why was this not brought up before the suspensions of Liver and Reuben.

It is important to state that Gauteng as a province has never raised this issue with us, all what we know is that we have been dealing with their misbehaviour and misconduct, their actions have a potential of liquidating SATAWU.

All the allegations raised by the suspended individuals are nothing but malicious and unfounded. We will not compromise on discipline, and dark or blue the hearing will take place.

For more information please contact the Deputy General Secretary on behalf of the Nation Office Bearers on 076 705 4743.