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Spatial development framework for city of Cape Town

22 May 2012

The recent announcement by the City of cape Town that they will be accommodating the building of low cost houses in the wealthy areas like Constantia is to be welcomed. This confirms the ANCís call during the elections for the establishment of integrated non racial communities in the City.

This is a radical deviation from the DA election promises to the wealthy in Constantia, which they would keep the poor out of Constantia and no doubt they will see protest by Constantiaís wealthy.

The DA programme of maintaining and focusing on the preservation of the generational advantages of apartheid for the white communities are unsustainable. As the ANC we will use the influence and authority of National Government to ensure that the DA puts in place policies that are in keeping with the Constitutional obligations of all levels of Government.

We will continue to force the DA to implement ANC policies like the special focus on backyard dwellers, in the city of Cape Town.

For questions please call COSATU W Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, at 082 7733 194