COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
COSATU on Sugar Tax Part 1 of 3
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Central Exec  |  Declarations

COSATU Free State Provincial Executive Committee Meeting Declaration February 12-13, 2010


We members of COSATU Free State Provincial Executive Committee have met here in Bloemfontein from the 12-13 February 2010 to discuss and debate matters that affect the federation at the level of the province. This Provincial Executive Committee was also blessed by the presence of both the 1st and second Vice President of the federation namely Cde T. James and Cde Zingiswa Losi. Below are key decisions made by this 2nd decision making structure at provincial level.


We affirm our position to consolidate and defend Polokwane Resolutions for two fundamental reasons:

1. That resolutions from Polokwane are biased to the working class and the poor. i.e. National Health Insurance, Creation of decent Jobs, Prioritisation of Education and Health.

2. That these resolutions are key and fundamental to our struggle of pursuing a better life for all and it is against this background that we believe there is no contradiction to a communist holding a key position in a multiclass organization like the ANC

Our 10th National Congress reaffirmed the previous congresses decisions that members of the federation must play an active role in both the SACP and the ANC and be members in good standing. The PEC have therefore taken a decision to audit the leadership of the affiliates and locals in terms of their membership of the SACP and the ANC so that the PEC may have a clear picture of the status of the PEC members

We acknowledge the fact that ideological war between classes [in Marxist perspective] is a permanent feature of a country which has the poor on one hand and the filthy rich on the other as citizens of the same country and or society. We also acknowledge that all the victories of the left within a mixed economy would always be temporary victories unless such are properly consolidated with campaigns and mass education projects. We have resolved to make sure that we would wage an ideological war with the intention to win key and decisive victories against capital.

The PEC believe that it has a duty and responsibility to ensure that it impose the working class hegemony in the NDR in its quest to achieve this it acknowledged that political education is fundamental to this objective and it will be implementing such in earnest...

On the matter affecting the Free State ANC Chief Whip the PEC welcomed the pronouncement made by the ANC Provincial Chairperson at the SACP Provincial council held on the 7 February 2010 that the matter affecting the Free State ANC Chief Whip is closed. The PEC further indicated that it is important for the alliance partners to robustly engage one another in a meeting on matters affecting the alliance rather than using media as a platform.

The PEC have noted the current national debates on the nationalization of the mines by the ANCYL and have welcomed ANCYL paper on Nationalisation of the Mines and including the input by the SACP Deputy General Secretary. The PEC has resolved that these views will be circulated to its lower structures for discussions and debates.

In relation to ANC January 8 NEC statement on the issue of Municipal workers not holding officialís position in political organizations, The PEC felt that such a move will be in contradiction to the movementís constitution and disadvantage members to participate in and stand for election to any position in the movement. The PEC then resolved that this matter should be referred to the CEC for engagement of alliance at national level.


The PEC was also encouraged by the improved quality of engagements as well as capacity of affiliates and locals in terms of reports submitted. The PEC agreed that as it moves forward to launch the remaining locals it will be implementing both the National and Provincial Resolutions which will mainly focus on:

A. Building the federation
B. Swelling the ranks of the ANC
C. Walking through the open door

Our ultimate aim is to have influence ideologically and in policy formulation at all levels from the province down to our locals.

We PEC have adopted the following programs;

A. Picking up the gains program driven by COSATU POBís
B. Launching or re-launching of the remaining locals within the province
C. Program for the mobilization for May day Commemorations
D. Capacity building program for the locals
E. Gender program which would deal with the contemporary issues and challenges facing the gender issues within the province and our societies e.g. engaging the sex workers around the challenges they face on a daily basis as they ply their trade.


The PEC also took a decision that in 2010 it will embark on educational program to ensure that our communities and members support the 2010 tournament by buying the tickets and to ensure that our communities enjoy the benefits of the tournament. The PEC also discussed the recent revelation that there are already promotional items for 2010 manufactured in sweat shops China where labour rights are not respected. The PEC condemned such dumping of China manufactured Bafana Bafana Jerseys in the strongest possible terms because the 2010 Soccer World Cup tournament should benefit the country in terms of economic growth as much as possible and will encourage members to only Buy South African Made product.

The PEC also took a decision to popularise the NHI [National Health Insurance] and to support its implementation as soon as possible because the more there is a delay more and more poor people and the working class continue to suffer due to lack of resources in the Health institutions

With regard to the status of the Free State Medical Depot, the PEC condemn any move and attempts to privatize the Medical Depot in Bloemfontein and will ensure that this does not happen because privatisation has never benefited the poor and our society except few individuals.

During March-April 2010 we would be embarking on a program to campaign against human trafficking for sex slavery especially with the 2010 world cup in the horizon, we would be embarking on this program from their health and safety point of view.

To this end, the PEC note the aftermath of the Haiti natural disaster and commended the swift response by our Government to come to their aid and also the response from the international community. The PEC also passed its heartfelt condolences to the survivors and the affected people of Haiti.

May Day Celebration:

We have taken the decision to host three May Day rallies in the province one in Hoopstad, one in Parys and the main rally would be held jointly with our sister federation in Lesotho COLETU. Preparations are under way to commemorate this international workers day with our brothers from the working class who enjoy very little or no labour rights within their own country, we acknowledge the challenges attached to this decision and we are more than determined and prepared to meet those challenges head-on.


To this end, the PEC note the aftermath of the Haiti natural disaster and commended the swift response by our Government to come to their aid and also the response from the international community. The PEC also passed its heartfelt condolences to the survivors and the affected people of Haiti.

In conclusion:

The PEC after debating all the issues tabled before it and in the program, resolved to do everything in its power to ensure that those are implemented.

Sam Mashinini. COSATU Free State Provincial Secretary, 082 563 6954