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COSATU to Present Submission on Expropriation without Compensation in Parliament tomorrow at 3pm

3 September 2018

COSATU will present its submission on expropriation without compensation (Section 25 of the Constitution) to Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee at 3pm tomorrow, 4 September, Old Assembly.

Landlessness is a national crisis in South Africa. Despite government’s laudable efforts and billions of Rands spent, millions of South Africans remain condemned to the squalor of informal areas. Hundreds of thousands of farm workers and labour tenants and their families, as well as communal land residents, especially women remain landless and without security of tenure.

Property ownership of all types remains overwhelmingly white male dominated. To pretend this is not so or that this is not a ticking time bomb, is to be dangerously delusional.

COSATU supports any progressive and rational constitutional measure that will speed up land reform and restitution. This can, where needed, include expropriation without full or partial compensation in particular instances such as:

  • Abandoned land;
  • Neglected land owned by absentee landlords;
  • Idle land that is needed for productive public use;
  • State owned land;
  • Land occupied by labour tenants historically;
  • Land who’s value has been unfairly inflated due to massive state investments there or nearby;
  • Land held to speculative ransom that is needed for productive use;
  • Land that is offered by its owner to the state as a donation e.g. for land reform etc;
  • Land that was expropriated during the apartheid or colonial era where market value was not paid to the original owner and that was not paid for by the current owner; and
  • Land who’s owner benefited from an unfair discriminatory loan during the apartheid era e.g. a farmer who was given a below market value loan and now wants a market value compensation.
  • Agricultural land above land holding limit thresholds support by the Minister for DAFF as envisaged in the Regulation of Land Holdings Bill.

COSATU urges Parliament to amend the Expropriation Act to provide for such cases and this is should be done as soon as possible. The federation would support an amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution if necessary to provide legal and other clarity for all concerned. This would need to be done in an inclusive, mature and constitutional manner. It should not descend into a mudslinging match nor competition of sloganeering.

For more information, please contact Cde Matthew Parks COSATU Parliamentary Coordinator

Cell: 082 785 0687
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