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NEHAWU Mpumalanga PEC Media Statement

10 December 2017

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union [NEHAWU] in Mpumalanga Province successfully convened its fourth ordinary Provincial Executive Committee [PEC] on the 07thand 08th December 2017 in Nelspruit.

The PEC was attended by delegates representing all four regions of the national union in the province. The meeting received reports covering all four pillars of the organization which includes International assessment, Political assessment, Socio economic assessment and Organizational assessment. The meeting also assessed progress made in terms of implementing the union's minimum programme for the period under review.

On the International balance of forces, the PEC noted that there is a growing shift to the right in advanced imperialist countries and that there is a decline in the position of liberation movements in the African continent.

The PEC noted that the majority of ANC branches have concluded their preparations for the ANC 54th National Conference. Equally, the meeting noted the outcome of the ANC PGC in the province, and the union is very much concerned that more than 200 branches nominated to abstain from the process by nominating the so-called UNITY, instead of attaching names. This is a clear indication that there are certain individuals within the ANC who are undermining the constitution, policies and internal processes in order to pursue their own narrow agenda.

The meeting further commended those branches that nominated correctly as per the guidelines. We therefore call upon the delegates of the ANC 54th National Conference, to exercise their constitutional right correctly by ensuring that their votes save the ANC and the alliance by voting Cde Cyril Ramaphosa as the President of the ANC.

We are also baffled by the existence a vigilante structure called PRET SA in the province which seeks to portray itself as an advocate of economic emancipation. We know that behind its establishment was to focus on the succession battle of the ANC in the 54th National Conference. What is more worrisome is the fact that this structure enjoys the support of prominent leaders of the ANC in the province and some regions. The Mpumalanga government is also on record saying they support this vigilante group.

We have noted the developments and the commitment made by various departments in the province on the filling of vacant posts, and we call upon the provincial administration to ensure that these posts are filled in the 2018/19 financial year, and this will assist our government in the province to deliver services effectively and efficiently so as to create decent jobs to members of the society. The national union has also reaffirmed its commitment in the fight against corruption, outsourcing, privatization which are taking place both in the public and private sector. As part of cost cutting measures, the union calls upon all Ministers and Members of Executive Councils in provinces to stop using expensive cars and reduce all other benefits contained in the ministerial handbook.

The meeting also made an assessment on the current public service wage negotiations at the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council [PSCBC], and noted the delaying tactics displayed by the employer and the inability to engage on our demands which has led to the negotiation process being protracted unnecessary. We are going to prepare and mobilize all our members to be ready for a serious fight against any form of arrogance which will be displayed by the employer during these negotiation process.

We note that South Africa remains with highest rate of HIV infections in the world with 12.7% of the population estimated to be living with this virus and we commend the efforts made by our government in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic, however a concerted effort is needed by all stakeholders to lower this percentage. The absorption of Community Health Workers [CHWs] in the public service as part of the PHC Re-engineering approach is fundamental. As part of monitoring for the implementation of the peoples National Health Insurance [NHI], we will strengthen our Health Subcommittees, especially in Gert Sibande which is the piloting District.

As part of strengthening workplace organization, we shall continue implementing our CEC resolution of visiting 30 branches per region a month and we shall sustain the convening of our weekly war rooms. The meeting also noted that 2018 is the year of convening the branch congresses and we will ensure that all structures of the national union in the province as guided by the National Office Bearers are ready for the implementation of this massive task. We shall continue convening our Organizers Forums on a monthly basis, focusing on membership recruitment as well as preparing for the branch congresses.

Case handling and management is the pillar of our organization and therefore prior and post the branch congresses, we will work towards reviving and strengthening our paralegal teams at all levels as part of enhancing service to our members, and this will include rolling out an intensive training program for our paralegal teams. We will ensure that all shop stewards receive the necessary training post the branch congresses.

There is a lot of work ahead of us in 2018, and we need to prepare ourselves for the tasks. We wish all our members and their families' safe festive season.

"Speed Kills, Don't Drink and Drive"
"Be Faithful, Abstain and Condomise"
"No Violence against Women and Children"

Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat

For more information contact: NEHAWU Mpumalanga Provincial Secretary, Cde Welcome Mnisi, at 082 455 2897 or email welcome@nehawu.org.za visit NEHAWU website www.nehawu.org.za