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COSATU Congratulates SATUCC on successful Congress in Tanzania and first Woman President, Zingiswa Losi

1 November 2017

COSATU take this opportunity to congratulate the Southern African Trade Unions Coordination Council (SATUCC), to which we are proudly affiliated, for hosting a very successful Congress in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on the 24th – 28th October, 2017.

The Congress was attended by all regional trade unions affiliated to SATUCC, international trade union bodies from different parts of the world, guests from various multilateral organisations, representatives of the Tanzanian government and observers from other organisations.

It is the biggest parliament of workers in the SADC region and the main voice of working people representing millions of workers in the whole region.

In that regard, SATUCC took a giant step of electing the first Woman President, Zingiswa Losi from COSATU as a decisive measure of its seriousness in advancing the gender struggle as part of the broader struggle for social justice, equality and freedom from poverty and exploitation.

COSATU welcome and congratulate the new leadership collective coming out of the Congress, which is made up of 50% women representation, real qualitative progress for workers in the region. The maturity displayed by unions from all the SADC countries, the unity of the SA contingent; FEDUSA and NACTU in the process, as well as the whole SATUCC family, together with our international partners in general was a clear sign of an organisation having come of age.

In her acceptance speech, President Losi couldn’t express it any better when she said, “Responsibility is both an honour and privilege that must be taken seriously and with great humility. May I, first of all, immediately indicate that COSATU, FEDUSA and NACTU feel collectively honoured to accept this massive responsibility to work with the whole region and the new leadership collective to build and strengthen SATUCC. The future belongs to workers and those who fight for it”.

COSATU and the SADC region must be proud to have produced a young, dynamic woman, who is now at helm of such a powerful regional body that must represent and articulate workers aspirations at the highest SADC and international levels.

Indeed, the bold and ambitious Resolutions and outcomes from the Tanzania Congress represent a real qualitative shift, substantive growth and coming into being of a new giant on the SADC stage, to amplify workers voices and inspire workers confidence into the future.

The mandate as summarised in that regard is clear, a new and dynamic SADC is and must be built, whose foundation is premised on;

• A strong, highly organised and fighting workers movement, working together with other workers on the continent towards that end, to wipe out misery and build a new Africa
• Progressive structural changes in SADC as a whole and in our individual countries to end poverty, undemocratic governance and abuse of workers’ rights through unity in action
• SADC-wide Industrial development and manufacturing capacity to create jobs and end retrenchments and hunger
• Fight to end the scourge of parasitism, corruption and the looting of our natural resources and wealth which compromise our peoples standards and quality of life

The task is huge, but not insurmountable and COSATU pledge all possible support to that effort and commits to work with all our partners, international allies and all progressive social forces towards that end. The forward march of SATUCC is a giant step forward for all workers of the world and the struggle for decent work.

Issued by COSATU
Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

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