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COSATU KZN supports LIMUSA strike at Toyota Tsusho Africa

23 October 2017

COSATU KZN is angered by the provocative behaviour of TOYOTA TSUSHO AFRICAThe Company is refusing workers to exercise their rights as provided in the Labour Relations Act to join their union of choice, which is LIMUSA.CCMA has granted LIMUSA a Certificate to embark on a protected strike action, which started on the 18th October 2017.

The attitude of the employer is highly offensive and an abuse of workers who are about to lose their daily pay for something which is a given. LIMUSA has managed to win the confidence of workers at TOYOTA TSUSHO AFRICA and has recruited 100% of the total workforce but the employer is refusing to recognize the union.

COSATU has been reliably informed that the company endeavoured to give workers a R2000 bribe each to remain in the union of the employer's choice. Workers have reported the use of Police to intimidate them and protect the interest of the employer and as COSATU we will investigate these concerns raised by workers.

COSATU is mobilising all its unions and the structures of the mass democratic movement to pledge solidarity support with LIMUSA members at TOYOTA TSUSHO AFRICA, in protection of the hard won gains for the workers.Our government must play its role in enforcing its laws to all foreign and transnational companies that continue to undermine the laws of this country.

We make a call to the employers to stop undermining workers rights and to end the use of scab labour, which to us is a sign of the high level of disregard of the unity and stability at the workplace.Members of the police force must not allow themselves to be used to protect the interest of the employer and if they do not desist from this, COSATU will have no choice but to expose all those involved.

COSATU KZN is seeking urgent interventions to resolve the matter and we call upon all workers to remain solidly united.

Workers of this country fought and some lost their lives for these progressive laws and as COSATU we will be always at the forefront of defending the rights of workers.

Issued by COSATU KZN Provincial Secretary

Edwin Mkhize 082 399 7756