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COSATU congratulates its affiliate SACCAWU on its court victory against Pick 'n Pay

The Congress of South African Trade Unions congratulates its affiliated union the South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union {SACCAWU} for challenging and ultimately winning the case of unfair dismissal of over sixty one Pick 'n Pay Employees. The employees from the Woodmead stores were dismissed for participating in a national strike in September 2010.

The company accused the workers of participating on an illegal and unprotected strike, despite the fact that this was a national strike that was legally protected. The Labour Court after getting the real facts and listening the evidence ruled that the dismissal of these workers was procedurally and substantively unfair.

The company was ordered by the court to reinstate all the affected employees retrospectively to the date of the dismissal and that the workers should be back paid retrospectively to the date of their dismissal. Pick 'n Pay was also ordered to pay the costs of the action.

COSATU calls on Pick 'n Pay to implement the order of the court with immediate effect by reinstating these workers and paying them back their money. It is totally unacceptable that these workers were denied of their right to earn a living for the last seven years unfairly because of the company's intransigence.

We commend SACCAWU for tirelessly fighting for these workers and for ensuring that they expose Pick 'n Pay for their anti-worker mind-set and contemptuous treatment of its employees.

The federation commends its affiliated unions like SACCAWU for forging ahead with more determination to meet the challenges facing our members and the working class as a whole. The heightening offensive against the workers and working class needs formidable and fighting trade unions.

We shall continue to tirelessly defend workers from retrenchments; deregulation and increase in working hours; deregulation of labour relations; widespread casual labour and cuts in pensions and retirement benefits. We shall also fearlessly fight against the weakening of social and labour rights; and the denial of the right to bargain collectively and to strike.

We are prepared and ready to heighten our struggles on all fronts. We commit to fight to the bitter end for that which belongs to the workers and the working class as a whole.

Issued by COSATU

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