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Cosatu to take the City of Cape Town Mayco to equality court

10 August 2016

The appointment of Mayco members in the City of Cape Town is disappointing and against the Constitutional principles of employment equity and equality, This Mayco has only 3 woman and 50% white members, most of whom have demonstrated their incompetence over the last 2 terms of 10 years. Cosatu will be taking this matter to the equality court to remove some of the DA verkrampte whites from leadership in the City
The racism demonstrated by the appointments, show how whites in the DA are favoured for senior positions. The people of the Cape Flats are only good enough to vote for the DA, but not good enough to lead the DA in Council. The high paying jobs all go to the white DA leadership, who are in the main are part of the old white political elite of DP and NP.

Just analysing the performance of the following white DA leadership, their attitude to black needs are obvious, as they try and protect white interest. JP Smith: this is the Mayco member for Safety and security, under his watch for the last 10 years the levels of killings and gangs and drugs have increased on the Cape Flats, with peopleís lives being reduced to a misery. His responds to the crisis on the cape Flats by putting in place laws to stop dogs from Barking and he assaults buskers in the streets of Cape Town. He is also the person who causes long road blocks on the freeways to check for traffic fines. He is not only demonstrated his incompetence he has repeatedly shown his stupidity.

Bret Herron: this is the man whose roll out the My City busses to the rich in Blaauberg, who all have private cars, before giving the busses to the Cape Flats communities who need it more. Bret is a person who has clearly shown his desire to defend the apartheid advantage of white people in this City. He would not even have been elected as a Councillor unless he was not De Lille pet from the ID.

Dirk Smith this man was the speaker in the City and one of the most biased people in respect of defending the white advantages in the City. He could not chair the Council meetings and many of the meetings disrupted into caos because of his bad leadership. He is an old racist from the freedom Front that is now kept in place to pander to the growing number of racist in the City. This man has used his office to organise jobs for his friends and family in the Councill and is clearly corrupt. The Mayor has never investigated the allegations of corruption against his office.

Benedicta van Minnen: This Housing Mayco member has done nothing to build houses for the people in the City. She has neglected back yard dwellers; by refusing them water sanitation and electricity. She has also refused to build low cost houses for black people in the rich white areas where people work. She clearly still accepts the apartheid focus of separate development in Cape Town.

These are the people the Mayor appoints to manage and change the City, into taking care of black lives; these people have already shown that black lives donít matter to them. The Mayor has shown in her appointment that she must pander to the white bosses of the DA and that she is just the foster child. This same Patricia De Lille just got 1% of the vote of the people when she was in the Independent Party, so for her political survival she sold her soul to the DA.

This City will now see another 5 years of white interest being maintained, whilst black communities are stuck on the cape Flats.

For questions please call COSATU Western Cape Secretary , Cde Tony Ehrenreich at 082 773 3194