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Hout Bay is not just a wealthy white enclave

25 August 2015

COSATU Western Cape opposes the closure of the fish factory in Hout Bay, due to the job losses that will follow for the area. Cosatu is outraged by the City of Cape Town’s introduction of new air regulations that will result in the closing down of the fish processing plant of Oceana.

These regulations are no doubt at the behest of the champagne and caviar crowd of Hout Bay who have little regard for the working families of Hout Bay and Inzamayethu.

For a long time now there has been an attempt by some wealthier white residents and Mayor De Lille to get the working class out of Hout Bay. This has been manifested by the restrictions on further housing development and now by moving the jobs out of the area. Cosatu also believes that the white establishment want to develop a V&A Waterfront type activity on the site that would mainly benefit white tourism.

Cosatu will work with the community and the workers of Hout Bay to oppose the closure of the factory and to ensure that the rights of workers and the black community are safeguarded from the gentrification of the area.

There have been too many examples in the City of Cape Town of black people being systematically pushed out of prime areas by the City and white developers who are taking over.

This land in Hout Bay belongs to the Department of Public Works and must be used to transform the beneficiaries of development in Cape Town, away from the white cabal.

For too long the City of Cape Town has been conspiring with the white community to attack the interest of the black community of Hout Bay, as witnessed by the police assault on the people of Hangberg, whilst the people of the Valley made sandwiches for the police.

The fundamental point at stake is how new forms of forced removals are being enacted by the City, to pander to the privileged groups.

Issued by COSATU Western Cape

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