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Declaration of the 3rd Provincial Congress of COSATU Northern Cape as held from the 24th-26th July 2015 at Thabo Moorosi Multi-purpose Centre in Mothibistad, Kuruman

5 August 2015

We, the delegates to the 3rd Northern Cape Provincial Congress held at the Thabo Moorosi Multi-purpose Centre Mothibistad from the 22nd – 24th of July 2015 in the John Taolo Gaetsewe Region representing 15 affiliates with 50 405 members collectively.

The two hundred and twenty six (226) voting delegates and about sixty (60) non-voting delegates gathered under the Provincial Congress Theme “Uniting the Working Class behind the Vision of the Freedom Charter for Radical economic Transformation towards the 30th Anniversary of COSATU”, tasked with a responsibility to take stock and assess progress and challenges in the last three years, and to map out a clear way forward for the Federation in the province.

The Third Provincial Congress is further tasked to advance, deepen and consolidate the working class struggle in marching forward to a socialist South Africa.

This all important congress takes place against the backdrop of the recent celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter, the successful Provincial Congress of the South African Communist Party [SACP], the successful Provincial General Council of the African National Congress [ANC] and the Special National Congress of our vanguard party, the South African Communist Party [SACP] in Soweto in the Gauteng province.

All these gatherings were a resounding success and we commend both the ANC and the SACP on their successes.

The delegates to the 3rd Provincial Congress declared as follows:

1. On Political Issues
• We pin our hopes on both the ANC and the SACP to take us a step further to achieve our political objectives of the National Democratic Revolution [NDR] and to Socialism respectively.
• To us the revolutionary tripartite alliance remains the only vehicle to advance the strategic objectives of the NDR as the shortest and direct route to Socialism.
• Unity and cohesion of the federation and its alliance partners both provincially and nationally is paramount and sacrosanct and we unanimously condemn the efforts by counter revolutionary forces to sow divisions in the federation through rumour mongering and gossip.
• We emphatically assert that the independence of all alliance partners must be respected, and should always have a manner in dealing with our internal challenges.
• We call upon the alliance leadership to build its ability to manage and resolve antagonistic and non-antagonistic contradictions without compromising any of its components.
• COSATU must continue to intensify its programme of swelling the ranks of the ANC and the SACP to ensure that we increase our ability to influence the policy positions of both structures in ensuring that the interest of the working class are not compromised.
• All affiliates need to monitor the membership of their shop stewards for the SACP and the ANC and their participation in the structures of the liberation movement.
• There is a need for the alliance to have frank discussions on the challenges of service delivery that have led to the spontaneous uprisings in our affected areas in the province. Delegates are in unison that this matter need urgent attention, and must be speedily resolved.
• The provincial leadership should subjugate their personal interest to the broader developmental objectives of the National Democratic Revolution, in pursuit of people centered development.
• We need to isolate and expose all individual who are hell-bent on sowing divisions both internally and within the alliance.
• All delegates are committed to working tirelessly to ensure the overwhelming victory of the ANC in the forthcoming Local Government Elections in 2016.

2. On Organizational Issues

• The Congress delegates committed themselves to building a strong workplace organization whose main focus is to address the challenges facing the workers on the shop floor.
• We respect the principle of Democratic Centralism commit ourselves executing decisions of the CEC and the National Congress in line with the constitutional provisions without fail.
• We reaffirm our 2012 Congress resolution to build strong women leadership in all the structures of the federations and condemn patriarchy.
• Campaigns are the lifeblood of the federation and we need to intensify our campaigns on all fronts.
• We are committed to defend all affiliates of COSATU that are facing counter revolutionary onslaught, especially the NUM.
• The Congress delegates will ensure full participation of all the affiliates in the campaigns and programmes of the Federation.
• Affiliates will embark on solidarity action to strengthen the unity of the federation.
• The first PEC after the Provincial Congress will develop a targeted recruitment campaign to organize the unorganized workers, especially in the vulnerable sectors.
• The PEC will establish an education and health sub-committee as a matter of urgency to engage on critical socio-economic issues.

• The first PEC after this Provincial Congress will consolidate the resolutions taken into a three year programme of action to be tabled in the Shop Steward Council in September 2015.

• We will continue to cascade the COSATU discussion document on unity and cohesion to our structures to start debates on building a united federation.

• We will enrich our debates with the discussion paper of the SACP on challenges facing the trade union movement.
3. On Socio-economic Issues
• Congress delegates declared that COSATU and its alliance partners should intensify our campaign against corruption in both the public and private sectors. Delegates believe that any form of corruption is theft from the working class and the poor, and this cannot be tolerated and must be squashed wherever it rears its ugly head.
• We will resuscitate our campaign against high electricity tariffs and will mobilize the society behind this campaign.
• We condemn the attempts by mining houses, especially De Beers to further exploit the workers of our province through retrenchments and closure of operational mines.
• We re-affirm our unwavering commitment to the revolutionary goals of the Freedom Charter and the attainment of Radical Economic Transformation. We therefore demand government’s intervention in the creation of decent jobs for the people of the Northern Cape.
• We are committed to intensifying our fight against labour brokers, outsourcing and privatization in defense of the creation of decent jobs.
• Our Gender sub-committee will continue to lead campaigns against domestic violence, especially violence against women and children.
• As Congress delegates we welcome the progress made in the establishment of the Sol Plaatje University as a leap towards the opening of the door of learning to the children of the Northern Cape in line with the demand of the Freedom Charter.
• The Congress unanimously committed itself to ensuring that the children of the Northern Cape access education for a brighter future.
• The PEC must engage the Provincial government on the progress made in the National Health Insurance [NHI] Pilot Project in Pixley ka Seme region. We call on all our members to ensure the success of the project through working tirelessly for the success thereof.
• There is a huge shortage of personnel in the public service, especially in the health department and that hampers the capacity of government to deliver quality services.
• We will continue to fight side by side with the people of the Northern Cape in demand of the basic services.
4. On International Issues
• Building consciousness and internationalism through international solidarity work that must be included in the federations program.
• We are committed to international worker solidarity and need to pursue our efforts to establish working relations with the workers federations across our borders and internationally.
• We welcome the unanimous election of the General Secretary of SADTU, Cde Mugwena Maluleke as Vice President of Education International which represents more than 32 million teachers in the world.
• We are committed to host international seminars to raise awareness on provincial issues that has international impact like the Square Kilometer Array.
• While we welcome the release of Comrade Mario Masuku on bail, we demand that the charges against him be withdrawn and free political activity in Swaziland to be allowed.
• The recent escapade in relation by the International Criminal Court in relation to President Al Bashir calls for the country to review our membership of the ICC. We are of the firm view that the ICC only targets African leaders for prosecution that that cannot be left unchallenged.
Congress delegates in unison further declared:

We also believe that on-going and structured discussions and theoretical exchanges must take place within the Alliance on the meaning of Socialism in our context and in relation to the NDR in the current conjuncture.
We emerge from this Provincial Congress committed to building unity and cohesion of the federation and building it into a formidable fighting tool of the working class.

We re-affirm our commitment to the building of a national democratic state that will lay solid grounds to advance to a socialist republic of South Africa.

As we close this Congress, we declare our unflinching commitment to the cause of building socialism in the world.