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We are the chosen Generation

5 August 2015

The uprising youth of 1976 died so we could live and have all
that they did not have….
Today we embrace being African children and we write this poem in English freely because we are permitted to!
The youth uprising of 1976 were radical enough to die for what they believed in.
Moreover, today we adore the fruits because we are the chosen ones.
It could have been any youth of any era who fought but God chose them to give their innocent blood so that a young black person of today
can relish the sacrifices.

It was a blessing for them to die for us because today we have a paved way in front of us and apartheid can no longer be an excuse for us not to
make it in life.

Their blood bought us an identical education for all blacks and white,
We know that they never lived to see it happen but they left blue prints in history books, they are there, so we can get an upright education.

We never smelled how apartheid was because we are the chosen generation.
We are the chosen generation,
Destined to take Africa to greater heights
We are the demographic dividend.
We are the future.
We are great leaders under production.
We are young people.

In us they are streams of water flowing with great knowledge and wisdom instilled by God the almighty
Now embrace being black and stop trying to fit in, you are made so black
that you could grasp all the attention to yourself, from the rest.

An exceptional African child is what you are!

Stand out from the rest and believe me you are capable of doing anything
Stand from your position in life and not your circumstances
You are strong and you are a chosen generation.

By Kuviwe Rakhoase and Zama Nkosi.