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Graduate rise above to a whole new level!

5 August 2015

By: Letlhogonolo Moore

You are ready to kick start your career, you become excited when you finally receive that letter of acceptance to enroll with your favourite higher institution. Suddenly, you get hit by a very big question of how your fees will get paid. Lucky enough, lady luck comes on your side...you are granted financial aid to further your studies. Everything starts working together!

You cannot wait to commence with your lectures. You are shocked to see many people in one lecture auditorium, the feeling is overwhelming but eventually you are able to adapt to the environment.

The motivation is so high that you do well in your introductory classes (first year). You get upgraded to the next level of your career… then start developing more habits of sleepless nights. You invest in all the caffeine you can get hold of, you name them; the energy drinks, bioplus, coffee etc. The only time you sleep peacefully without any feeling of guilt is when you are on recess.

During the third level of your studies, you strive to study harder so that you can also be like the others who have stepped in the Great Hall with their new dresses and suites.
You finally get to reap what you have sown in yourself and have now become part of the alumni of your institution. Your motivation has increased to a new level ands you cannot wait to grow more in your career. You start planning what car you would love to buy, the designer clothes and oh my ultimately you can start breaking away from eating noodles and eat at any restaurant of your desire.

You sit behind the computer to check on the advertised vacancies. You apply, apply and I mean you apply without getting any responses and when you finally get a response it comes with a “regret” without been given a chance to express yourself in person.

Most of the vacancies you see in your career of expertise require more than 2 years of experience. You brush that off and carry on with applying. Your motivation starts decreasing then you opt out for any job. You get an invitation to an interview….Yay! You make sure you put on your best attire to look presentable; the interview starts, the first question you get to be asked is the “tell me about yourself” and then you start following the very intense questions that come with a “smile” then you get to be given the opportunity to ask them questions, you get to the end of it and the interview is done.

You go back home and impatiently wait for the response: you pray, cross your fingers and toes to get the job, and when the response comes in all you get is:
”we see potential in you but unfortunately we regret that your skills and experience don’t match for this position, we will put your CV on out database and you consider for future positions”.

Now, you get to ask yourself where companies expect you to acquire experience if they do not hire you because most of the advertised position require more than 2 years of experience.

You feel rejected, restless and little depressed because you are growing older and nothing is working in your favour.
You question your mental ability and whether you are good enough; if you will ever get a job anytime soon. Peer pressure starts affecting you because when you look around most of your friends have jobs and seem to be doing well. You are just too tired to be congratulating people on their new jobs and cars whereas nothing is happening on your side.
Not every door is meant to be entered and just because you have been rejected does not mean you are not good enough as an individual. It takes an active step to discover what you are good at apart from the qualification you have obtained.
It really inspires me to see young South Africans making their dreams possible and not waiting to be held by their hands.

Graduate of South Africa, the time is now, it’s your time to step into a whole new dimension of approaching life. It is ok to feel frustrated and be angry towards the government but at the end of the day what do you achieve? The state will not change your unemployment status in a day; they still have a timely plan to implement strategies for job creation.
What are you doing in the ‘waiting’ of a job? Start governing your own life and also implement strategies on how you can change your life. Limiting yourself will not do any justice to anyone but you.

You have not only been given the freedom of speech but of also information for you to use to your advantage. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before. Inside of you there is a book to be written, a company to be established, a song to be composed, there is a greater vision inside of you.

Look within yourself and discover the hidden talents!