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Q&A with Ayanda Ntombini, a second year student from Witwatersrand University

5 May 2015

By Zama Nkosi & Kuviwe Rakhoase

Ayanda Ntombini is a 21 year old second year student from
Witwatersrand University. Her views are based on the topic
of parents who work for the government (professional Government Workers) being granted NSFAS funds.

Q: Do you think that parents who work for the government and have other responsibilities and priorities who
cannot afford university fees for their children should also be included in the NSFA S allocation seeing that is
one of the most successful schemes established by the government to assist students who are from poor family backgrounds and are academically competent?

A: Itís very contextual because as you have said that they are single parents who canít afford to pay tuition for their children so I think they should get NSFAS only given that when they do a means test to check that the parent cant really afford the tuition it is so and thatís the only time they should be granted the funding.

Q: Doní you think that parents whether single or not who work
for the government and have full paying jobs should set their priorities right by putting their childrenís education first. Because the fact that they work for the government does not make them poor?

A: It does not make them poor as you are saying but at the same time as I already mentioned earlier that its very contextual, you find that I can work for the government and be a professional doing whatever there but I still canít
afford the same things that another professional can afford like buying a car or a house, therefore we need to look at
how much the person is earning? Am I earning enough to be able to send my child to varsity or am I earning below the
average thatís needed.

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