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Extra effort meant outstanding results

3 March 2015

by Zama Nkosi and Kuviwe Rakhoase

It has not been an easy year at all as we all know that our final year at school is one of the most stressful years of our lives.

Everyone around you stresses the fact that you are now in matric.You are about to graduate to university soon you will be out there to pursue your dreams.The students of Ponelopele
Oracle Secondary School worked extremely hard on daily basis.

There was never a day without hard work actually a day without hard work was a day wasted. Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School is one of the schools that stand out when it comes to their students. In 2010 they had their first matriculates who were a group of hard working pupils who had big dreams. In that very same year they produced one of the top student in the country that was one of their many victories which followed soon after that. Since that year they never looked back they always worked extra hard because of the results they had produced the previous year.

Most of these kids come from disadvantaged backgrounds but they don’t allow anything to stand in their way.The government assisted a lot by being supportive at all times and providing a meal per child everyday.That on its own really encouraged the learners to study hard and aim high.

2013 was another year of victory as history has repeated itself one of the best students in the country came from the very same school Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School.He obtained 100%for all his subjects and that really moved the community and the school. He is an ordinary who works extra hard and had a very supportive headmaster and teachers.It was a very good pressure for the 2014 matrics because every student worked extremely hard so they can excel like the best student that came from their school.The best student was invited over to the school to come tutor other students who struggled in some of their subjects.

We got a chance to speak to one of the matriculants class of 2014. Smangele Nyangane 18 year old pupil who adds to the 91% pass rate of the School. She is one of the kids who worked under good pressure. When the final exams commenced she was so pre-pared to the point that she wasn`t even scared because she knew how hard she had worked.She is a young lady who is full of life and dreams and ready to pursue all her dreams.

She said that she is really proud to be called a student of Ponelopele Secondary School because that school contributed a lot in moulding up her character.She says it all began the very first day set her foot at Ponelopele Secondary School
because she just fell into good hands.She learned how to be hard worker at the school through her dedicated teachers who gave them no rest at all but always taught them ahead and
came up with new programmes of how to study.

The school had conducted extra mural for all grades since 2010 up to date she says since then she never gave herself rest because at times she would feel guilty when she is not working hard.She says they had no holidays because they spent most of their holidays at school at school trying to solve problems on various subjects.They were all happy not to spend holidays with family but rather with other classmates and educators because they knew that in the end it will pay off.

She said that most of the kids in her community looked up to her because was a student at Oracle Secondary School and the school is well known for its outstanding results and the community is well aware of the well-mannered and disciplined students.The school introduced so many programmes to their Matrics to assist the kids in their academics and it also added to the schools outstanding progress.

The School really invested their students and believed in them in every way possible .She adds to say that he would like to thank his Mathematics teacher Mr Shondani and not forgetting her headmaster Mr Lesoe who is very strict very strict when it comes to them but always has the best interest at heart .He does not only sits in his office but he goes out to the different classes and interact with the students and wants to be updated with the learning progress.

On daily basis he will patiently wait for his students at the gate to check and make sure that all students have their proper school uniform on and that they have all their books and textbooks at all times.He really invested in his students and their progress did not take them by surprise they expected it. We were also privileged to go to the school and chat to the head master of Oracle Ponelopele High school.

As we walked into the school gates the was long queue already of children and parents who want to get their children enrolled into the school its hardly the third day of but Oracle is already flocking with kids from other high school who wants to come and enrol at Oracle high school. As it is well known for its outstanding progress and outstanding academics.
The people around the community can’t help it but notice the great progress that the school is making some kids left private school for Oracle Ponelopele High School. The school is not only creating a good name around the community but they are making history all over the world.Mr Lesoe the head master of Oracle sits in his office with a smile on his face not just any smile but a smile of great victory.

He says that he is proud to be called the head master of Ponelopele Oracle High School. Mr Lesoe emphasized the fact that his not only a principal but he plays many rules he said and his also a teacher he engages with the children especially his metrics and his always trying by all means to encourage the learners, and recognize those you perform exceptionally well by buying them gifts e.g. dictionary, tablet just to show that the school appreciates their hard work and that they should keep up the good work.

He said that his extremely proud of his best learner Queentress who obtained four distinctions and she is very good in other activities like poetry, sports and her academics he also mentioned a few students from the past who really made them proud as a school in 2010. He says that he keeps loosing educators for other schools because he works with the best team ever his educators are head hunted on daily bases but he sees that as an opportunity not a threat because as much as he loses teachers most teachers want to be part of their school.

When asked about leaking of papers his exact words were” its quiet an irresponsible behavior doesn`t help, it doesn`t make you a better learner. If it happens it will be unfortunate if teachers are involved because it’s very low, immoral, and it doesn`t fit into the quality of education that South Africa wants to give to our children. It miss represent the office of our MEC because our MEC MR Panyaza Lesufi is a great man he has a vision separate from any other vision and I am sure that with him we are going very far and we must not represent his office in any form or in any way”. He went further on about one of his best students Praise Ndebele who made history at Oracle Ponelopele High School.