Strengthen COSATU for total emancipation-Calling for Unity of the toiling Class

25 October 2012

The Congress of South Africa Trade Union has resolved to support the mining workers across all mining areas.

Right at the heart of where the mining crisis began – Rustenburg – on 27 October 2012, we will be convening a Workers Rally which will kick-start with marches on various challenges that beset our society.

Through the Workers’ Rally, we will mobilize our members to stomp the length and breadth of the country mobilizing society towards solidarity protests which will be anchored around the Section 77 Notice, whose primary aim is, to achieve radical transformation in the economy through the full implementation of the Freedom Charter.

Contrary to what has been reported, the rally will be utilized to galvanize support for the solidarity protest actions.

We will be demanding the full re-instatement of mine workers, who have been dismissed under the guise that they are involved in unprotected strikes whilst not taking into consideration the dire situation they find themselves in.

As soon as the workers leave the stadium where the rally will be held, we are contend that they will be leaving with a clear message of solidarity and a message that demands radical action in improving both the working and living conditions in the current conjuncture.

COSATU has called for all its Affiliates to take stock of all collective bargaining agreements and prepare adequately for the coming national bargaining, organizing and campaigns conference next year, to enhance the living wage campaign.

COSATU has called on all workers to join all planned protests whose date we will announce in due course

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