COSATU NC Statement on the myth of the Council for Higher Education-We want University in 2014!

25 October 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape wishes to commend the Minister of Higher education, Dr Blade Nzimande on his revolutionary commitment to the establishment of the university in the Northern Cape.

This is despite the negative advice by the Council for Higher Education which has no interest of the working class youth but committed to ensuring that the current institutions are overflowing with students.

It is quite interesting to note that such respected academics can have such a flawed argument that the university in the Northern Cape is not viable.

They base their view on a senseless argument that the Northern Cape schools do not produce enough students.

However, they make an admission that university are not provincial but national entities, which means that they are not only meant for Northern Cape students alone.

We are currently faced with a situation where universities in the Western Cape are enrolling students from as far as Limpopo and KZN and vice versa.

What will then stop the Northern Cape University from enrolling some of these students?

This CHE further contradict itself by requesting the Minister to consider beefing up the capacity of the existing tertiary institutions, an admission that there is a need for additional universities in our country.

Their advice to the Minister leaves us with no option but to conclude that they are shop stewards of the current existing institutions that see the establishment of the new institutions as a threat to their financial muscles.

Even their suggestion that the Minister should allow NIHE to continue when they have seen the challenges faced by that institute is suspicious.

As the people of the Northern Cape we will not accept any further insults from this Council that seeks to advise the Minister in favour of their friends in the existing Universities.

This progressive commitment of the ANC government is appreciated and welcome by the working class and the poor people of the Northern Cape.

We are committed to supporting the Minister in fulfilling the promise made to the people of the Northern Cape to build one of the first post-apartheid universities in our province.

No prophets of doom will succeed in instilling fear on us and the people of the Northern Cape.

We want the University in 2014.

For further information please contact the Provincial Secretary, Anele Gxoyiya @ 082 829 1961

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