Violence in truckers strike

12 October 2012

The truckers strike is supported, but the barbaric assaults and murder of innocent people are condemned and the full might of the law must be brought against those perpetrators. COSATU will never support violence and intimidation, and calls on COSATU members to expose those, using the cover of the strike to carry out these horrendous attacks on other workers.

COSATU is an organization of discipline and solidarity, this kind of violence has no place in our ranks. It is a sad day when workers are set alight and murdered under the banner of the right to protest. Let us show our solidarity with the injured and families of those killed and expose the criminals, committing these crimes, forward to solidarity and peaceful protest.

We will do all we can to support the legitimate struggles of workers, but will never allow a situation where other workers are killed and injured in the name of a strike.

For questions please call COSATU W Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich at 082 7733194