The struggle against high toll fees continues

2 August 2012

The Congress of South African Trade unions in the North West will continue with its campaign against the high toll fees at the Swartruggens toll gate.

This time COSATU will be demanding feedback from both provincial and national departments of transport and SANRAL, as we have handed over a number of memorandums to them and they have not yet responded.

What COSATU wants in this toll gate is the adherence to the proportional payment policy and for Bakwena to stop robbing the motorists of their money by making them pay for the kilometres they are not going to travel and also that there should be an alternative route for those who cannot afford to pay the toll.

COSATU will not be intimidated by the dirty tricks played by both Bakwena and the police in attempting to arrest the Provincial Secretary and accusing him of intimidation. COSATU wants to make it clear that there is no intimidation. What the provincial secretary did was to articulate the position of the federation and put the demands of COSATU forward.

We are repeating our position in our last memorandum that our government must help us to reduce the toll or the boom must be removed so that our poor motorists can move free.

What is happening on this case is the confirmation that the 18 years of democracy continue to benefit the white monopoly capital and the state continues to protect them by using the police to intimidate us.

The Provincial Secretary of COSATU Solly Phetoe opened a case of crimen injuria against one of the officials of Bakwena who insulted him in a meeting where there were more than twenty people, amongst them police officials. The case was withdrawn without being investigated. Now the same white man has opened a case of intimidation against the provincial secretary and a senior investigator is appointed. Where is justice and fairness? Where is equality?

Does this happen because blacks can be insulted at anytime like we saw it happen in the Goodman gallery?

COSATU will be back at the toll gate tomorrow, 3rd August 2012 at 13h00 and we will not leave until we get a satisfactory response from government. Case opened or not, we will not be intimidated.

For more information contact Solly Phetoe the Provincial Secretary of COSATU North West at 082 304 4055