Joint COSATU Mpumalanga and National Union of Mine Workers (NUM) statement

12 October 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Mpumalanga held a very successful bilateral meeting with her affiliate NUM on the 11 October 2012 at the Mpumalanga COSATU offices in Witbank. The purpose of the meeting was to do an assessment of the joint programme whose objectives is to maintain order, stability, unity and cohesion in the different workplaces in the province and within COSATU and her affiliated unions, In particular within NUM establishments.

The meeting noted with serious concern the well planned, highly funded campaign by some mine bosses and counter-revolutionaries to destabilise and reverse all the revolutionary gains achieved by NUM and COSATU over the past thirty years.

It is only a union worth its salt that can achieve the gains achieved by the NUM in the mining industry over the past thirty (30) years. In the thirty years of revolutionary unbroken struggle the NUM stands as the towering giant of the workers and the working class with close to 400 000 members nationally. The NUM has brought unity, defeated apartheid laws, and tribalism in the mining, construction and energy sector. The NUM has improved the working conditions of workers in the industry from conditions close to slavery to conditions where workers have the power to bargain through their unions.

Against this background, the meeting appreciated the progress done so far by both COSATU and NUM in the province in bringing stability to the different workplaces in the province and in defending the NUM, COSATU and the National Democratic Revolution.

The meeting agreed to intensify the programme by convening a COSATU Provincial Shopsteward Council meeting on the 25 October 2012 which will be addressed by the COSATU National leadership, NUM National leadership and the leadership of the Alliance in the province.

Workers in the province have vowed to fight to the last drop of their blood in defending the NUM, COSATU and the National Democratic Revolution.

For more information please contact Fidel Mlombo COSATU Provincial Secretary @ 0827195699 or Stanley Lebelo NUM Provincial Secretary @ 0829337586