Transport unions abhor violence

29 September 2012

SATAWU and other unions abhor the current violence associated with our strike SATAWU and all the other unions (PTAWU, MTWU, TAWUSA) involved in the current wage dispute with the road freight employers association would like to call for abhorrence and condemnation with the contempt it deserves the violence that have become apparent since our industrial action started.

We reiterate our call that those who seek to destroy our progressive image and all hell bent on criminal and thuggish behaviour continue to opportunistically hijack our just cause to further their malicious acts and practices. We have thus far realized that none at all of our members are party to all reported cases of crime that have seen the attack of fellow workers and torching as well as damaging of private property.

We call upon all our members and other workers on strike to maintain iron discipline and
defeat all forms of provocations, intimidations and attacks so as to ensure that peace and lawfulness reign while the industrial action continues without any form of interference or disruption.

We will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to ensure that we root out all forms of attacks, intimidations and criminal activities that seek to taint the noble industrial action we are currently leading. In that case we urge all individuals concerned to remain observant of the rights of all citizens to exercise freedoms such as free speech, right to gather and right to work.

Vincent Masoga Acting National Media Officer South African Transport & Allied Workers` Union, a revolutionary union most admired Tel: 011 333 6127 Cell: 083 297 3826