NUM begins talks with Nkomati mine

25 July 2012

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has on Monday began talks with Nkomati mine, co-owned by African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and Norsilk. The NUM demands a 20% across the board wage increment whilst the company offered 4%. The NUM has further put the following demands with management offering what is on the right column:


1. Wage Increase 20% across the board 4% across the board
2. Annual Leave Extra four day from 21 to 25 days No Change = 21 days
3. Family Responsibility Leave Extra five days from 5 to 10 days No Change = 5 days
4. Underground Allowance 10% of basic salary 10% of current R300.00 to R330.00
5. Sick Leave 36 days per annum accumulative 36 days none accumulative
6.Shift Allowance 12% of basic salary 1% increase from 4% to 5%
7. Standby Allowance 12% of basic salary No change = 4%
8. Family Replacement Replace go leavers with family To consider only fatality
9. Housing Strategy Implement Mining Charter Wait to months or refer to central
10. Maternity Leave Four (4) fully paid No change three (3) months paid
11. Bonus Scheme Same bonus as D band Refer to separate forum
12. Transformation Need real transformation Refer to EEA Committee
13. Travelling Allowance R4.92 to R5.50 National competency
14. Long Service Awards Establish long service awards NUM Present a proposal first
15. Collapse Percentiles Collapse 25% and 50% percentile as black only and start with 50% as minimum and 100% as maximum No change
16. Implementation Date 1st July 2012 Only if parties agree before 31st August 2012

Nkomati mine is situated in Machadodorp in Mpumalanga and produces nickel. The NUM is happy that Nkomati has finally decided to pitch up on the negotiation table and urges its negotiators to ensure that they accede to the union s demands. The NUM further urges the company to move with speed as negotiations should have long begun.

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